Top 6 cooking schools in London

best cooking schools in London
ondon, a global culinary hub, is home to several prestigious culinary schools. In this article, we will present the six most exceptional institutions, each offering unique opportunities for aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts. These schools provide a platform for individuals to hone their culinary skills, discover their unique culinary voices, and embark on a journey towards becoming exceptional chefs.

“Cooking is an art through which we can savor the flavors and aromas of life”. It’s a science that allows us to create delectable wonders by skillfully combining diverse ingredients and techniques. In the diverse and cosmopolitan city of London, this culinary art has a special place. The city is a melting pot of various global culinary traditions, and it boasts numerous culinary schools that inspire enthusiasts to explore a wide spectrum of techniques and ingredients.

In this article, we will embark on a journey to discover the best cooking schools in London. From French and Italian culinary classes to local cooking methods and even the world of vegetarian cuisine, London offers an endless array of choices for those passionate about the culinary arts.

Join us as we delve into the realm of culinary art in London, seeking out the finest establishments for culinary education and skill enhancement.


Criteria for identifying the top culinary schools in London:

In this article, we examined several criteria to evaluate culinary schools and courses in London. The key criteria included:

  1. Course Quality: The course providers, curriculum content, and overall course quality.
  2. Instructor Experience: The expertise and skills of the instructors in culinary fields.
  3. Course Diversity: The variety of courses and the breadth of the curriculum.
  4. Student-Centric Adaptability: Facilities to tailor courses to students’ needs, such as accommodating different dietary requirements.
  5. Location Convenience: The geographical location of the schools and accessibility.
  6. Credentials and Certifications: The credibility and validity of the certificates obtained from the courses.
  7. Industry Engagement: Connections and collaborations with the restaurant industry and professional chefs.
  8. Pros and Cons: The strengths and weaknesses of each school and course.

We analyzed these criteria to provide a comprehensive review, helping prospective students choose the right culinary school or course in London.

Best Cooking Schools In London


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1. Le Cordon Bleu
Le Cordon Bleu London Culinary School

Le Cordon Bleu London Culinary School

The first institution worthy of introduction in this article is “Le Cordon Bleu London”. Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most famous and prestigious culinary and cooking schools in the world. It was originally founded in Paris in 1895 and has branches in various locations worldwide, including London.

This collection includes more than 6 types of recognized qualifications and certificates. If you succeed in obtaining them, you can engage in professional activities anywhere in the world due to the exceptionally high credibility of these documents. This is because you have learned cooking from the world’s top chefs in London!

Certainly, it should also be noted that at the “best culinary academy in London” you don’t just become a chef! Instead, by enrolling in restaurant, cafe, food truck, or even bar and wine business management courses, you will learn those skills just as well.

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  • Valid and Globally Recognized Credentials
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Extensive Culinary Programs
  • Practical and Theoretical Education
  • Professional Equipment and Environment
  • Opportunities for Top Graduates in the Job Market
  • Multiple Long-Term, Intensive, and Short-Term Training Options


  • Costs can sometimes be high for some individuals.
  • Intensive and fast-paced learning programs.
  • Competitive admission to this school.
  • Language barriers for individuals not proficient in English.
  • Geographical limitations for commuting.

2.Chef Academy of London
Cooking Courses In London

Cooking Courses In London
The Chef Academy claims to have a 100% employment rate. Whether you like it or not, you will be engaged with this institution!Chef Academy is an esteemed institution with a global reputation. Founded in Italy, its remarkable success led to the establishment of a second school in London, which has since become one of the most respected culinary schools in the United Kingdom and London. Completing your culinary education at Chef Academy opens the door to the professional culinary world. Additionally, our institution holds international recognition from ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges).The culinary diploma from “Restaurant The Ritz London” is a specialized and honorary certification in culinary arts issued by the educational institution associated with The Ritz London. This diploma allows graduates to learn culinary and restaurant service skills to the highest standards in a luxurious and historic setting. Ultimately, the credibility of this diploma derives not only from The Ritz London but also from the restaurant’s reputation and recognition in the culinary industry. This certification can open doors to a successful professional career in the competitive and high-end restaurant and culinary industry.


  • Famous and renowned worldwide
  • Highest culinary standards
  • Luxurious and historic ambiance at The Ritz London hotel
  • International job opportunities with credible certifications
  • Training under the guidance of top instructors


  • Extensive time commitment for those with limited availability
  • Relatively high costs
  • Restrictions on commuting to in-person sessions


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3. Cookery School
Cookery School in London

Cookery School in London

Another one of the cooking schools in London is Cookery School, which has made cooking more enjoyable and accessible. One of the notable advantages of this educational institution, which attracts many students each year, is its friendly and intimate atmosphere, which can greatly fuel your enthusiasm for learning the art of cooking. The food menus you learn at this cooking school in London change according to each season, new trends, and favorite cuisines from across the globe.

According to the Cookery School in London, the primary and ongoing focus has always been and is on food. There is no need to invite the world’s most famous and renowned chefs to teach our students. Instead, it is about selecting the best teachers who understand the Cookery School’s teaching approach and strive to make learning to cook delicious food with confidence as accessible as possible. Proper culinary education can inspire even the least confident cook.

I believe it’s necessary to inform you that before we delve into the specifics of the pros and cons of this academy, I should mention that the classes in this institution are entirely tailored and organized based on students’ needs. In other words, if you have sensitivities to dairy products, follow a vegetarian diet, or consume halal meat, please let them know so that they can recommend the best classes for you.


  • 7 types of certificates: Professional course, Level 1, Level 2, Vegetarian, and more.
  • Eco-Friendly Cooking Style
  • Teaching Healthy and Organic Cuisine
  • 20 Years of Successful Experience
  • A Completely Friendly and Down-to-Earth Environment
  • Ability to Customize Classes to Students’ Dietary Needs
  • Day and Night Classes


  • It might not be the suitable option for professional chefs


4. Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Cookery School | Cooking Classes in London

Jamie Oliver Cookery School | Cooking Classes in London

One of the other best cooking schools in London is Jamie Oliver’s, which at the time of writing this text, I have heard a lot about its online courses, and many people who participated in its online courses had good and positive reviews. Do you think this school only teaches cooking online? Don’t worry…

Currently, this cooking school in London offers more than 40 in-person courses for aspiring cooks at all levels, from beginners to experienced chefs. One of the advantages of this school, in my opinion, is that you can choose to participate only in specific classes that align with your preferences, allowing you to save time and resources.


  • Conducting courses both online and in person
  • Customizing courses to meet students’ needs
  • Professional instructors
  • Over 100,000 students from 2016 to the present
  • Affordable and cost-effective courses


  • I couldn’t find any specific information!


5. Feverup
Events & Things to do in London

Events & Things to do in London

feverup One of the best and most unique culinary schools in London, and, as we’ve mentioned before, Feverup offers it all! In this establishment, not only can you learn various cooking styles and complete wine-related courses, but you can also participate in gatherings and events happening in London to enjoy your leisure time!

Now, let’s delve into the culinary and wine classes offered by this school. Located in Wandsworth, they provide in-depth knowledge about authentic and delectable dishes from all over the world. Furthermore, you’ll gain a full understanding of the history and culture behind each of these dishes.


  • Excellent accessibility for London residents
  • Cultural awareness through native foods
  • Introduction to the global job market
  • Highly skilled instructors
  • Entertainment alongside learning
  • Recognized certifications


  • You might get so entertained that you won’t even notice how time flies!


6. Divertimenti
Cookery School Classes

Cookery School Classes

At Divertimenti, it’s like the ongoing festival of cooking in London, no fancy-pants, just great food and awesome classes. They offer everything from bread-baking classes to cake decorating extravaganzas. So, you’ll definitely find something that tickles your taste buds. And if you’re not sure what you want to learn, they’ve got a ‘Discovery Course’ designed to help you find your cooking groove.


  • Diverse Range of Courses
  • Experienced and Professional Instructors
  • Exploring Your Needs with “Discovery Courses”
  • Convenient Location
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Practical and Theoretical Lessons


  • Lack of comprehensiveness in courses for individuals who want to learn almost everything.
  • Not very suitable for professionals.
  • Less recognized certifications.

Conclusion for the Best Cooking Classes in London

To sum it up, when it comes to choosing the right culinary school in London, the key criteria to consider include course diversity, expert instructors, adaptability, affordability, and the friendly and inclusive ambiance. These aspects offer a well-rounded guide for prospective culinary students, helping them make informed decisions about their culinary education. Whether you’re an aspiring chef eager to explore different cuisines or a seasoned pro looking to hone your skills, London’s vibrant culinary scene ensures there’s a place for everyone to pursue their culinary dreams.

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