7 Best Online Japanese Cooking Courses For Beginners

Best Online Japanese Cooking Courses
Embark on a culinary journey into the world of Japanese cuisine with 7 of the best online Japanese cooking classes. From traditional dishes to contemporary delights, these virtual classes offer a delectable exploration of Japan's culinary artistry.

Hey there, culinary adventurers! If you’re feeling the urge to step out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of Japanese cuisine, you’ve landed in the right place—welcome to the realm of Top Japanese Cooking Classes!

In these classes, you’re not just learning recipes; you’re embarking on a flavorful journey through the heart of Japan. From mastering the art of sushi to conquering the secrets of ramen, and savoring the crispy delights of tempura, you’ll be guided through the diverse landscape of Japanese cooking.

What sets these classes apart is the perfect blend of professional expertise and a friendly, approachable teaching style. It’s like having a cooking buddy right there with you, explaining everything in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

So, throw on your apron, get those kitchen utensils ready, and join Top Japanese Cooking Classes for a mouthwatering experience that feels like cooking with a friend!

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Best Cooking Classes in Japan


Best Online Japanese Cooking Courses:


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1. Cooking with Dog

Best Online Japanese Cooking Courses

Cooking with Dog "the Best Online Japanese Cooking Courses"

♦The channel is completely free 

“Cooking with Dog” is a YouTube channel featuring a Japanese woman named Chef and her canine companion, Francis. Managed as an amateur by Chef, the channel provides video tutorials for various Japanese dishes in English and has been recognized as one of the best online Japanese cooking Classes in this article.

The content of this channel includes the preparation of different Japanese foods such as sushi, teriyaki, ramen, and more. In each episode, Chef details the process of making a Japanese dish using the English language, with Francis the dog charmingly accompanying her.

The channel focuses on making Japanese cooking easy and understandable, seeking to capture the attention of fans through an informal and homely style. It is recognized as a valuable resource for those interested in Japanese cuisine, particularly for individuals who prefer learning through instructional videos in English.

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2. Online Japanese Cooking Course with MasterClass

Niki Nakayama Teaches Modern Japanese Cooking

Niki Nakayama Teaches Modern Japanese Cooking

♦The channel is completely 10$ 

As another one of the best online Japanese cooking classes, we introduce the renowned MasterClass website. Niki Nakayama, a professional chef with Michelin stardom, serves as the instructor for this course. Across 18 sessions, spanning over 4 hours, she endeavors to teach the exquisite art of Japanese cuisine using the finest and most natural ingredients.

Niki Nakayama, the chef and proprietor of the two-Michelin-starred restaurant n/naka in Los Angeles, is renowned for her contemporary approach to kaiseki, a traditional Japanese cuisine. Alongside her partner and sous chef, Carole, Niki will guide you through the art of crafting sashimi, tempura, flawless rice, and various other culinary techniques. Explore the creation of dishes that pay homage to fresh ingredients as Niki imparts her wisdom on cooking with meticulous care and gratitude.


3. Udemy

Japanese Cooking Courses

Japanese Cooking Courses

♦The channel is completely 19$ to 74$ 

There are over 25 general and specialized Japanese cooking online courses available on “Udemy”, providing you with a comprehensive library of beautiful Japanese cuisine. Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms, with a section dedicated to cooking, making it a valuable resource for those interested in Japanese culinary arts. While the instructors and chefs may not be widely known, their friendly and respectful demeanor will surely captivate you!

Among these Japanese cooking courses, classes on preparing ramen, maki, sushi, and more stand out. The prices for these courses vary from free to $65, with the $65 course including over 95 recipes for Japanese dishes.


4. AirKitchen

airKitchen Online Cooking Class

airKitchen Online Cooking Class

♦The channel is completely 1000¥ to 10000¥

“AirKitchen” is a versatile online platform facilitating connections between individuals and local cooking instructors, offering diverse cooking classes. Participants can opt for either online or in-person lessons, fostering a personalized learning experience. The platform not only enhances culinary skills but also provides cultural insights into local life. Feedback from others assists in selecting courses aligned with personal preferences. Moreover, if you’re not proficient in English, worry not! The online Japanese cooking classes offered by AirKitchen are typically private, accommodating various language levels.


5. Cozymeal



♦The channel is completely 14$ to 79$

Cozymeal is another top-notch online Japanese cooking school, offering over 20 online courses covering various Japanese dishes instructed by experienced and professional chefs. Cozymeal also hosts private classes, allowing you to experience cooking lessons alongside your friends. If you’re looking for an affordable option to delve into the art of Japanese cuisine, Cozymeal is a great choice.


6. Learning with experts

Japanese Cooking Class Online

Japanese Cooking Class Online

♦The channel is completely 200$

One of the best online courses for learning Japanese cuisine is the “Andrew Kojima” course. Chef Andrew Kojima is a British-Japanese chef also known as Chef Koj. In this course, he teaches you how to prepare various delicious Japanese dishes, including Ramen noodle dishes, Tonkatsu and Japanese rice, miso soup, making perfect Gyoza dumplings, Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), and Yakitori grilled skewers. He asks you to prepare these mouthwatering Japanese dishes, deeply rooted in the ancient culture of the country, multiple times to achieve the best results.

This cooking course covers everything you need for preparing a variety of Japanese dishes. One highly practical and valuable aspect of this course is that, for a fee, you can receive specialized feedback from Koj about your own cooking.


7. Just One Cookbook

Online Japanese Cooking Course

Online Japanese Cooking Course

♦The channel is completely free 

“Just One Cookbook” is a fantastic YouTube channel and website founded by Nami, an everyday Japanese cook and food blogger. It’s all about making Japanese cooking approachable and enjoyable for everyone. Nami provides clear, step-by-step instructions to help you recreate authentic Japanese dishes in your own kitchen, from sushi to ramen. She also shares insights into Japanese culture and dining etiquette, making it more than just a cooking channel. Whether you’re new to Japanese cuisine or a seasoned chef, “Just One Cookbook” is your go-to resource for mastering the art of Japanese cooking.


Conclusion of Online Japanese Cooking Course

Well then! Now that we’ve delved into the world of online Japanese cooking classes and gotten to know our dear chef, Nami from ‘Just One Cookbook,’ as well as explored options like MasterClass, Udemy, Cozymeal, and Learning with Experts, it’s time to draw some conclusions. If you ever had any doubts about whether or not to embark on this culinary journey, it’s now crystal clear that you absolutely should.

Japanese cooking classes don’t just equip you with valuable culinary skills; they also allow you to dive into the depths of Japanese food culture. You’ll not only learn how to prepare mouthwatering dishes like sushi, tempura, and ramen but also gain insights into Japanese dining traditions and etiquette.

Moreover, Japanese cooking empowers you to amaze your friends and family with delectable dishes you’ll prepare on your own. Enjoy the rewarding feeling of advancing your skills with a warm and thoughtful friend like Nami by your side in the kitchen.

So, are you ready? Put on that apron, get your cooking utensils ready, and join Japanese cooking classes, because right here, you’re in for a delightful and friendly culinary experience. What are you waiting for? We’re passionate about Japanese cuisine and eagerly waiting for you!

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