the 7 Best online Cooking classes for Beginners

Best online Cooking Courses for Beginners
Cooking is an enticing and skillful art that beckons individuals on a journey of delicious creativity. In today's digital age, beginner cooks face a rewarding challenge. This article presents a curated selection of seven top cooking courses designed for beginners. Each course, chosen from around the world, is assessed based on content, features, and educational impact to help readers find the ideal culinary starting point.

The art and science of cooking has long been recognized as one of the most fundamental elements of human life. The complexities and numerous recipes in the culinary world have transformed cooking into an art and science that continues to offer a wealth of knowledge to acquire. However, in today’s world, with the advancement of technology and the spread of the internet, Best online cooking classes for beginners have become an accessible and effective means of learning.

Best online cooking classes for beginners are now considered one of the best ways for individuals passionate about cooking to enhance their skills and gain specialized knowledge in the culinary arts. From professional instructors to renowned chefs, these courses provide a valuable array of educational tools.

In this article, we will introduce you to 7 top culinary education programs, including Top online culinary classes for beginners. These programs are composed of reputable and diverse learning resources, guiding you from basic cooking concepts to advanced techniques. Furthermore, some of these programs offer free courses, ensuring that cooking education is accessible to all.

So, whether you’re a food enthusiast or a culinary professional, this article provides an introduction to the best cooking courses for you. Join us as we explore the finest resources for culinary education.


Why are online cooking courses suitable for beginners?

We sometimes recommend online cooking courses to beginners for several reasons:

  1. Accessible Learning: Online cooking courses are often designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels, including beginners. They typically start with the basics and progressively introduce more advanced techniques, making them suitable for those with little to no prior experience.
  2. Self-Paced Learning: Many online courses allow learners to progress at their own pace. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for beginners who may need more time to grasp fundamental concepts and techniques.
  3. Detailed Instructions: Online courses often include detailed video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions, which can be especially helpful for beginners who may not have prior exposure to cooking terminology and methods.
  4. Repetition and Review: Beginners can rewatch videos and review course materials as many times as needed to reinforce their understanding and improve their skills. This level of repetition can be essential for building a strong foundation in cooking.
  5. Variety of Cuisines: Online courses often offer a wide variety of cuisines and cooking styles, allowing beginners to explore and find their culinary interests. This exposure can help them identify their preferences and build a diverse skill set.
  6. Cost-Effective: Online cooking courses can be cost-effective, offering a more affordable way for beginners to start their culinary journey without investing in expensive in-person classes or equipment.
  7. Safety and Confidence: For those who may be unsure or uncomfortable in a traditional cooking class setting, online courses provide a safe and private environment to learn and practice. This can boost the confidence of beginners.
  8. Accessibility: Online cooking courses can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, providing a convenient way for beginners to start learning without geographical limitations.

Overall, online cooking courses can be a valuable resource for beginners looking to develop their cooking skills and knowledge in a flexible, accessible, and supportive learning environment.


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Best Online Cooking Classes fore beginners


1. Masterclass
Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques

Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques

One of the most enticing and professional cooking courses tailored for beginners is the “Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques” course. Taught by the renowned 3 Michelin starred chef, Thomas Keller, this course provides instruction on the most fundamental and foundational aspects required to transform into a professional chef.

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Just as every dish he creates embodies precision and artistry, Keller’s course is an ode to the meticulous craftsmanship that underlies extraordinary cuisine. You’ll discover the secrets of knife work, the nuances of flavor development, and the intricacies of plating like a pro. With Keller’s guidance, you’ll transform your kitchen into a laboratory of culinary innovation.

Whether you’re a budding home cook or an experienced chef looking to refine your skills, this course caters to all levels. Keller’s comprehensive approach ensures that you’ll begin with the fundamentals and progress to the highest echelons of culinary artistry

Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques is not just a course; it’s an opportunity to unleash your inner culinary maestro. It’s a tribute to the enchanting symphony of flavors and techniques that come together in every dish. Join Thomas Keller in this culinary adventure, and let the art of cooking flourish within you.


  • Learn from a Culinary Icon
  • Fundamental Skill Development
  • High-Quality Production
  • Flexibility in Learning Time
  • Revealing the Secrets of the Culinary Industry
  • Inspiration and Confidence
  • Building Connections with Enthusiastic Culinary Enthusiasts


  • It may not be suitable for impatient individuals!
  • And nothing else!


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“Rouxbe” is a professional online culinary education platform that offers a comprehensive range of cooking classes for beginners, from beginner to advanced levels. It is widely recognized as a reputable and prominent source of culinary education. Rouxbe sets itself apart by providing an interactive and hands-on learning experience. This platform leverages step-by-step instructions and practical exercises, enabling students to prepare dishes and practice culinary techniques interactively. Rouxbe’s commitment to offering this exceptional educational experience empowers students to master food preparation and advanced culinary skills.

Rouxbe is one of the top culinary academies that provides a substantial amount of cooking knowledge suitable for beginners for free, accessible to them for a period of 7 days. But don’t worry! After completing this free cooking course, you can subscribe to the academy on a monthly or annual basis to access more advanced culinary content for professional cooking.


  • Provision of reputable certification
  • Live events with chef instructors
  • Comprehensive and Extensive
  • Free Beginner Courses
  • Access to Advanced Resources
  • Utilization of video technology and interactive instruction
  • Professional Instructors
  • Support and Community


  • The subscription costs for advanced content may be high
  • The free cooking course for beginners is limited to 7 days
  • Some of the more advanced courses may not be available within specific geographic regions


3. Cozymeal
Online Cooking Classes for Beginners

Online Cooking Classes for Beginners

“Cozymeal” is an online culinary education and cooking experience platform that fosters interaction with cooking enthusiasts through classes and culinary adventures. This platform hosts instructional classes by local chefs and professional culinarians, providing a practical and interactive approach to acquainting individuals with the art of cooking. Unlike traditional online learning, Cozymeal promotes hands-on cooking of dishes and the practice of culinary techniques.

Cozymeal offers a variety of courses for beginners to learn cooking. Based on the feedback and ratings provided by the students of these courses, it is evident that this option can be one of the excellent choices for newcomers to embark on their culinary learning journey.


  • Access to Local and Professional Instructors
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Customization of instruction to cater to the learning needs of beginners
  • Exploration of New Cuisines


  • Absence of free courses
  • Limited instructional resources and tools compared to other platforms


4. Le Cordon Bleu Online
Online cooking courses, designed to expand your knowledge

Online cooking courses, designed to expand your knowledge

At first glance, the “Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning” website might appear tailored exclusively to culinary professionals. However, fear not! This website offers cooking courses suitable for beginners and newcomers as well. Or, it might be better to put it this way: the culinary courses of this academy are designed in a way that caters to both professionals and novices!

Most of these courses provide a complete culinary journey from scratch, but you should know exactly what you want to learn because this website hosts a wide array of specialized cooking courses, including food photography courses!


  • Recognised Certification
  • Teaching Excellence
  • Live Learning Sessions
  • Global Networking
  • 100% Online
  • Catering to All Skill Levels
  • High Reputation
  • Specialized Courses


  • Complex course selection can be challenging for those uncertain about their preferences and goals
  • The cost is relatively high for some of the beginner courses
  • Courses may not be available in certain geographic regions
  • Being 100% comprehensive can sometimes be a drawback as well!


5. America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School
online culinary classes for beginners

online culinary classes for beginners
“America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School” provides comprehensive culinary education with a focus on beginners. Their well-structured courses offer a strong foundation in cooking, including rigorous recipe testing and video tutorials led by experienced instructors. Students have a variety of courses to choose from, allowing them to specialize in their areas of interest. This culinary school aims to empower individuals to master the art of cooking through practical skills and guidance from expert chefs.

One of the advantages of this educational website is that it categorizes courses into three levels: “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” and “Professional.” This allows individuals to enhance their culinary skills based on their cooking expertise. In general, this website is a suitable option for providing culinary education to beginners, especially when you can take advantage of its completely “free for 3 weeks” subscription offer!


  • Structured Course Levels
  • Customized Learning
  • 3-week free courses
  • Offering valid certification
  • Diverse courses for everyone


  • Costs after the free course may be unaffordable for some individuals
  • Payment processes may not be available in certain regions


6. Udemy
Best online cooking classes for beginners

“Udemy” a renowned online learning platform, offers a diverse array of culinary courses, making it accessible for beginners to embark on a journey to culinary mastery. Whether you’re an aspiring home cook or dreaming of a professional culinary career, Udemy provides an enticing gateway to culinary education. The platform’s user-friendly interface and flexibility empower learners to acquire essential culinary skills at their own pace.

Udemy’s courses are designed to cater to various culinary interests and skill levels. From mastering the basics of cooking to exploring international cuisines, there’s a course for every palate. What sets Udemy apart is its affordability and lifetime access to course materials, ensuring you can revisit your culinary knowledge whenever you desire.

Udemy’s culinary instructors are often seasoned professionals who provide step-by-step guidance, practical demonstrations, and even interactive cooking assignments, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in your own kitchen. The platform fosters a sense of community among learners, offering opportunities for discussion and sharing culinary experiences.


  • High Diversity in Teaching Various International Cuisines
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Structured Course Categorization into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels
  • Free Training for Some Courses
  • Lifetime Access to Courses After Purchase
  • Affordable and Cost-Effective Pricing


  • Moderate Certificate Credibility
  • Poor Video Quality Compared to Other Courses
  • Lower Interaction Compared to Other Courses


7. Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)
Online Programs at ICE

Online Programs at ICE

The culinary courses offered by the “Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)” provide a solid foundation and practical cooking skills, making them suitable for beginners. These courses focus on both theoretical knowledge and hands-on culinary practice, making them an excellent opportunity for those who are new to the world of cooking.

One of the great advantages of this renowned and popular institution in the field of culinary education is its impressive track record of over 45 years. This extensive experience underscores the fact that the academy possesses extraordinary expertise, making it a fitting choice for beginners.


  • Suitable for Individuals Present in New York (if they wish to participate in in-person courses)
  • Reputation and Experience
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Professional Instructors
  • Diverse Learning Resources
  • Support from Top Culinary Instructors


  • Scheduled Course Start Dates
  • In some cases, a valid certificate is not provided
  • High costs for some courses
  • Limited diversity in culinary offerings


Conclusion Regarding the Top Cooking Courses for Beginners

In conclusion, the world of online cooking education has become a versatile and accessible resource for individuals of all skill levels, with a variety of academies and platforms catering to the needs of both beginners and seasoned culinary enthusiasts. For those starting their culinary journey, the top online cooking classes for beginners offer interactive, hands-on experiences, while Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning provides a solid foundation for beginners. On the other hand, Udemy offers a wide array of culinary courses for all levels, with a flexible subscription model. America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School offers structured course levels and free trial periods, making it a great choice for customized learning. However, the decision ultimately hinges on individual preferences, goals, and the level of commitment. So, whether you’re eager to master the art of cooking or simply looking for culinary inspiration, there’s a course or academy out there to suit your needs. Happy cooking!

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