best online italian cooking classes in 2024

best online italian cooking courses
Learning the art of Italian cuisine is globally popular due to its unique allure, blending creativity with simplicity, fresh ingredients, and local cooking techniques. The widespread appeal arises from the captivating flavors and accessible learning process. Mastering Italian cooking transcends techniques, offering a cultural and social experience, fostering connections with family and friends. Discover the beauty of Italian cuisine now

Italian cuisine, renowned for its rich flavors, authentic ingredients, and distinctive techniques, has become one of the most beloved and sought-after culinary styles worldwide. Whether you’re seeking to indulge in local delicacies and learn regional culinary secrets during a trip to Italy, or you’re eager to master the art of Italian cooking alongside your favorite dishes at home, online cooking courses offer an excellent avenue for honing your skills and delving deeper into this flavorful craft.

In this article, we’ll delve into the best online cooking courses Italian. Our goal is to equip you with confidence and up-to-date information, bringing you closer to the world of Italian culture and taste. From courses led by reputable culinary instructors to well-known platforms providing user-friendly online learning environments, we will explore a range of options to help you discover the finest online Italian cooking courses.

Whether you aspire to master the combinations, techniques, or ultimately create delicious Italian dishes, join us as we uncover the details of the top online cooking courses in Italian cuisine.



One of the most famous Italian dishes is pasta. We have introduced the best free courses for pasta-making

Besat Pasta Courses Online For Beginners




1. YouTube
Vincenzo’s Plate

Vincenzo's Plate

♦The channel is completely free

“One of the best channels for Italian food recipes is ‘Vincenzo’s Plate,’ as Vincenzo himself states:

Vincenzo’s Plate is a Youtube Cooking Show where Vincenzo and his Italian family, will show you how to make delicious Italian recipes.
This Italian Cooking channel is fun, entertaining and full of Passion. The Best Italian Food Recipes on Youtube.

Take one entertaining Italian Chef, add a selection of fresh ingredients, one cup of humour, a sprinkle of love and leave to set while you subscribe to this youtube channel and realize that your life cannot go on without more from Vincenzo’s Plate Italian recipes!

Vincenzo’s Plate is about traditions, rich ingredients and learning that you don’t have to go out to an expensive Italian restaurant to eat authentic Italian Food.

Join me as I invite you into my kitchen so that you can bring the taste of Italy into yours.


2. Cozymeal
Online Italian Cooking Classes

Online Italian Cooking Classes

♦The course prices range from 29 to 199 $

Embark on a culinary journey with a renowned chef as they guide you through the best online Italian cooking classes. In the virtual kitchen, participants discover the secrets behind mastering authentic recipes, from crafting homemade pasta to creating exquisite sauces. The art of Italian cuisine comes to life, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in this culinary experience from the comfort of their own homes.

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Learning Italian cooking on this site offers several advantages, including flexibility in scheduling and class start times, professional and international instructors, the option to host private cooking classes for any number of participants, and more. At the time of writing this article, there are 54 cooking courses covering various Italian dishes, such as pasta, pizza, fettuccine, ravioli, cheesy tomato baked gnocchi, and the classic eggplant Parmigiana.


3. Tenuta Torciano
Italian cooking classes & wine tasting sessions by Torciano

Italian cooking classes

♦The course prices range from 105 to 375 €

Tenuta Torciano is a renowned establishment specializing in the creation and instruction of Italian cuisine and delicacies. On this platform, Italian cooking courses are delivered in a manner that ensures students emerge from each program enriched and professionally equipped with Italian culinary skills, ready to excel in the vast and beloved world of cuisine.

Some of the advantages and features of learning Italian cooking in this establishment include:

  • Instruction by experienced and professional chefs
  • Diverse learning experiences in the realm of cooking
  • Immersive culinary experiences intertwined with culture
  • Culinary education accompanied by unique creativity
  • Cooking classes for children and teenagers who are interested

Through these courses, Tenuta Torciano aims to cultivate a deep appreciation for the art of Italian cooking while fostering a skill set that prepares individuals for success in the expansive and cherished culinary market.


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4. The Chef & The Dish
Online Italian Cooking Classes with Masterchefs in Italy

Online Italian Cooking Classes

♦The course prices range from 79 to 149 $

Fondly referred to as the world’s culinary treasure, Italian cuisine captures the hearts of nearly everyone. However, true Italian cooking diverges significantly from what one might whip up in their own kitchen. In Italian culture, food transcends mere sustenance; it serves as an extension of life itself. Rooted in simplicity, Italian culinary traditions spotlight the finest seasonal ingredients. Italy has generously bestowed upon the world a myriad of extraordinary dishes, including Pasta, Risotto, Saltimbocca, Caponata, Ossobuco, Ravioli, Tiramisu, and many more. By joining one of the authentic Italian cooking classes at The Chef & The Dish, led by experienced chefs, immerse yourself in the art of Italian cuisine. Learn the secrets to preparing these delightful dishes at home through online instruction.

Another advantage of learning cooking with The Chef & The Dish is that the courses are offered both privately and in groups. If you aspire to learn Italian cooking under the guidance of one of the best culinary teams but your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend classes at specified times, it’s better to participate in private classes. Moreover, the variety and number of their online private classes are significantly greater!

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5. Nonna Live
Virtual Class from Italy

Virtual Class from Italy

♦The course prices range from 29.5 to 249 $

Enjoy learning Italian cooking with experienced grandmothers!

Yes, you got it right. This time, we want to introduce you to a collection run by kind and skilled grandmothers, which has made this site a bit more distinctive than the others.

Chiara and her grandmother, Nonna Nerina, initiated Nonna Live right from their home in Italy, intending to bring the magic of Italian cooking to individuals worldwide. Presently, live and on-demand virtual pasta-making classes are offered, guiding participants through the step-by-step process for achieving pasta perfection.


6. Natalina
Your Personal Italian Cooking School

Personal Italian Cooking School

♦The course prices range from 7 to 99 $

Cooking transforms into an enjoyable and creative activity that enhances an individual’s entertaining capabilities!

In this professionally crafted Online Cooking School, you will discover a collection of Natalina’s favorite traditional recipes and menus. From delicious dishes like gnocchi, fresh pasta, braised beef, minestrone, to tempting desserts such as panna cotta, tomato sauce, risotto, and chicken parmigiana – there are over 30 recipes for you to explore.

Experience the joy of learning right from the comfort of your own kitchen, at your own pace, through videos that allow you to start and finish as per your preference. As an extra benefit, Natalina has thoughtfully included PDFs with ingredient lists, selection guidance, equipment recommendations, and timing schedules.

Managed by Natalina, who has previously overseen an Italian cooking school, authored a cookbook, and organized culinary tours in Italy, this online school is designed for aspiring home cooks at the beginner and intermediate levels. With Natalina’s guidance, you can master the art of cooking just like an “Italian Mamma”!


Virtual italian cooking class

Virtual italian cooking class

♦The course prices range from 100 to 120 $

They understand the desire to travel to Italy, explore Tuscany, and share moments with them while uncovering the hidden treasures of the country. They acknowledge the excitement about making the most of an Italian journey through Arianna & Friends’ culinary and cultural tours—indulging in local cuisine and savoring exquisite wines. However, perhaps the opportunity is not imminent, so what can one do?

They are thrilled to introduce an alternative way to immerse oneself in their fantastic culinary traditions: private live streaming cooking classes directly from their Tuscan kitchens! Are you up for it? This provides an excellent opportunity for both parties to stay connected. For participants, it’s a chance to almost experience Tuscany as if they were right there, all from the comfort of their homes. Together, they’ll share family recipes, stories about their culture and traditions. Join them virtually in their personal kitchen, and let’s cook together, just like good friends, while enjoying a glass of fine wine! It promises to be a delightful and educational experience. Connect with them via Zoom and savor the joys of a culinary day.


The Importance of Learning Italian Cuisine

Learning Italian cuisine as an art and creative process has its own unique allure, making it one of the most popular culinary styles globally. This art, characterized by features such as simplicity in using fresh ingredients and various local cooking techniques, has successfully garnered widespread popularity.

The general interest in learning Italian cooking stems from a combination of various factors. Firstly, Italian dishes have captivated attention and admiration with their amazing flavors and appealing appearances. Secondly, the process of learning this art is often presented in a simple manner, emphasizing achieving delectable results that are understandable and executable for everyone.

In essence, mastering Italian cooking goes beyond merely learning cooking techniques; it involves sharing in Italy’s rich culture and history, fostering stronger connections with family and friends, and creating enjoyable and meaningful moments in life. These reasons make Italian cooking not just a culinary skill but a cultural and social experience that individuals seek. So, if you’re also interested in learning the beautiful art of Italian cuisine, start now…

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