Top 8 Iranian Cooking Classes in 2024

Top 8 Iranian Cooking Classes in 2024
Iranian dishes are renowned for their deliciousness, characterized by a unique combination of ingredients. These foods derive their exquisite flavors from a rich blend of various spices, natural components, and meticulous harmony of elements. From a diverse range of flavorful stews to succulent kebabs, saffron-infused rice dishes, and an abundance of delectable entrees, Iranian cuisine stands out for its diverse and distinctive culinary profile. The harmonious amalgamation of these varied components contributes to the sensory pleasure and excellence that define the delectable nature of Iranian foods.

Embark on a culinary adventure through the excellence of the Best Iranian Cooking Classes available. These classes encapsulate the essence of over 7000 years of Iranian culinary heritage, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with contemporary flair. Dive into the world of Iranian cooking classes, where you not only learn age-old methods but also explore innovative approaches to the culinary arts.

Beyond geographical boundaries, these classes offer an opportunity to experience the richness of Persian cuisine online. Indulge in the art of crafting delectable dishes and delightful desserts, such as Persian cookies, through convenient and accessible online platforms for Persian food. Join us on this gastronomic journey, where the legacy of Iranian cooking unfolds through the Best Iranian Cooking Classes and the allure of Persian food online.


You can also explore the best online cooking courses for beginners.

Best online Cooking classes for Beginners


1. Parisa’s Persian Kitchen
Learning Iranian Cooking with Parisa

online platforms for Persian food

♦The channel is completely Call

Parisa’s Persian Kitchen workshop provides a hands-on experience for learning and savoring Iranian cooking classes. Participants collaborate in a spacious setting, furnished with all necessary ingredients. The workshops offer flexibility, either conducted online or at various locations across Belgium and The Netherlands. Parisa guides participants through preparation and cooking, highlighting the importance of shared enjoyment.

Sessions cater to dietary preferences, necessitate advance payment for confirmation, and furnish detailed information upon payment. Parisa’s Persian Kitchen not only centers around delightful gatherings but also delves into the ancient traditions and rich history of Persian cuisine. Services encompass catering and private dining workshops throughout Belgium and The Netherlands, operating from a base in Antwerp. For those interested in exploring Persian food online, the workshops provide an interactive platform to learn and indulge in the art of cooking Persian cookies and other delectable dishes.


2. Cozymeal

Iranian cooking

♦The channel is completely 85$ to 129$

Explore Iranian cooking with Chef Faramarz at Cozymeal. Uncover the secrets of crafting traditional Persian breads in an immersive class. Learn to make Barbari and bowl breads, along with a velvety lentil soup. Chef Mab’s class offers a journey into a traditional Iranian feast, featuring kuku sabzi, white fish fillets, and Persian-style caramels.

In addition, these culinary courses by both chefs showcase popular Iranian dishes such as kebabs, zereshk polo, koobideh kebabs, and more. Enhance your experience by bringing your favorite wine or beer. Join Cozymeal to elevate your cooking skills with authentic Iranian recipes.


3. Hami Sharafi
The Persian Classics Cooking Course

Persian cuisine

♦The channel is completely 15£ to 199£

Hami’s recipe eBook unveils the authentic flavors of Persian cuisine with both traditional and vegan alternatives. It compiles recipes from his culinary courses, serving as a comprehensive guide for recreating beloved childhood dishes or embarking on new culinary journeys. Hami offers private cooking classes tailored to individual learning, catering to all skill levels. The course takes a focused approach, exploring one dish at a time through step-by-step video lectures, allowing for flexible scheduling. Hami’s engaging teaching style ensures a relaxed and enjoyable experience, making it easy for participants to master the art of Persian cuisine effortlessly.

Additionally, the course covers iconic dishes such as Loobia Polo, Akbar Joojeh, Ghormeh Sabzi, Khoresh-e Karafs, and Gheymeh Bademjan.


4. udemy
persian cooking (learn to cook Iranian (persian) cuisine))

Learn to Cook Iranian Cuisine

♦The channel is completely 44.99$

The Udemy course titled “Persian Cooking (Learn to Cook Iranian Cuisine)” offers a comprehensive and thorough exploration of Iranian cuisine. The majority of Iranian dishes incorporate a mix of herbs, vegetables, and rice, combined with meat such as lamb, chicken, or fish. The widespread use of fresh green herbs and vegetables in Iranian cuisine not only imparts unique flavors but also makes these dishes a healthy choice globally.

Students enrolling in this course will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare Iranian (Persian) foods without any prior cooking knowledge. This course is designed for anyone with an interest in Persian cuisine, as well as food enthusiasts eager to delve into Middle Eastern Asian culinary experiences.

Moreover, this course covers the preparation of most delicious and popular Iranian dishes, including Abgoosht, Ash Reshteh, Koofteh, Cabbage Rice (Kalam Polo), Green Beans With Rice (Loobia Polo), Celery Stew (Khoresht Karafs), Zucchini Stew (Khoresht Kadoo), Eggplant Stew (Gheymeh Bademjan), Joojeh Kabab, Chelo Kabab, and more.


5. League of Kitchens
Persian Cooking Classes

Persian cuisine online

♦The channel is completely 60$

Mab offers engaging virtual cooking classes, providing a unique opportunity to explore Persian cuisine online. Participants can cook alongside her, asking questions and sharing stories during the 2.5-hour session, which concludes with a virtual dinner party. Mab guides the preparation of two family recipes: a savory chicken dish and saffron rice with crispy potato tahdig.

The process includes receiving a Zoom link, shopping list, and recipe packet upon registration, with the option to revisit a video recording later. Mab’s culinary expertise, rooted in the Azeri region of Iran, blends family tradition and slow-cooking techniques. Her personal journey, from involvement in the Iranian Revolution to activism in women’s rights, adds a compelling narrative to the experience.


6. Inmykitchen
The Iranian Cuisine Blog

Iranian cuisine

♦The channel is completely 37$ to 97$

Leila’s ranian cooking classes on inmykitchen present an enjoyable journey through Iranian cuisine, centering on the culinary culture of Rasht. The beginner class introduces traditional Northern Iranian dishes like Kuku, showcasing the warmth of Rasht’s hospitality. The intermediate class delves into a festive rice dish and saffron-marinated chicken, emphasizing the art of Tahdig and the cultural significance of rice in Rasht. The Nowruz celebration evening immerses participants in Persian New Year traditions, featuring a spread of appetizers, Kuku-sabzi, Sabzi polow ba mahi, and delightful desserts. Leila’s online classes are interactive, with personal stories providing a glimpse into life in UNESCO-recognized Rasht. For those seeking in-person experiences in Coquitlam, Leila’s kitchen offers hands-on learning and traditional dinners, delivering practical cooking tips and cultural insights.

Additionally, explore Persian food online and discover the art of making Persian cookies online through Leila’s engaging classes.


7. Najmieh
Cooking and Cookbook of Iranian Cuisine

online platforms for Persian food

♦The channel is completely 15$ to 70$

Najmieh’s e-book collection on Najmieh’s website offers a captivating culinary journey through Iran. “Cooking in Iran: Regional Recipes and Cooking Secrets” is a distilled compilation of her five-year exploration, showcasing the depth of Iranian cuisine’s cultural roots. From the vibrant fish market in Bushehr to historical Isfahan and the Caspian Sea, Najmieh shares traditional recipes and unique discoveries. The e-books, including titles like “Food of Life,” “Joon,” and “Silk Road Cooking,” delve into various aspects of Persian cuisine, making them valuable resources for both beginners and seasoned cooks.


8. Youtobe
Iranian Cooking with Yousef

Iranian Cooking with Yousef

♦The channel is completely free

Yousef is also a YouTuber and a chef specializing in Iranian cuisine. He has recorded and shared over 100 instructional cooking videos on his YouTube channel. You can find tutorials for dishes such as grilled chicken, kubideh kebab, kuku sabzi, saffron rice, stuffed eggplant, and more. Follow this educational channel for free because cooking with Yousef is even more enjoyable than you might think.


Why should we learn Iranian cuisine?

Learning Iranian cuisine is an enriching experience that goes beyond just cooking dishes. It provides an opportunity to become a cultural explorer, delving deeper into the traditions and history of the region’s foods. Iranian cuisine not only introduces you to delicious and diverse dishes but also allows you to connect with the culture and life of Iranians. It’s a remarkable chance to embrace the culinary heritage and create special moments in your kitchen, savoring the joy of preparing your own Iranian meals.

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