Top 10 Best Online Pizza Making Classes in World

Best Online Pizza Making Classes
This article emphasizes the significance of learning pizza making through the best online classes. Taught by experts, these courses cover key aspects like dough preparation, ingredient selection, and diverse pizza styles. They enhance culinary skills, provide creative possibilities, and connect enthusiasts in a supportive community. Investing in top online pizza courses is a valuable step toward consistently crafting delicious pizzas with confidence and expertise.

Indulging in the art of crafting the perfect pizza is not merely a culinary endeavor; it’s a global passion that transcends borders and palates. As the aroma of a freshly baked pizza wafts through the air, one cannot help but appreciate the universal appeal of this beloved dish. In the quest for pizza perfection, enthusiasts often seek guidance from *The best online pizza classes*, exploring the top 10 online courses dedicated to the fine art of cooking pizza.

In a world where culinary education is readily accessible, discerning individuals aspire to join the ranks of the best pizza schools globally. Recognizing the importance of mastering the nuances of pizza-making, many embark on a journey through top-notch courses that promise to elevate their skills to new heights.

Join us as we delve into the world of pizza craftsmanship, uncovering the finest online courses that stand out among the top choices for those eager to hone their pizza-making prowess. From the best pizza schools worldwide to the top courses in cooking pizza, this exploration aims to guide you through a delectable journey, highlighting the reasons behind the popularity of these exceptional classes. Get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure and discover the secrets that make pizza a culinary phenomenon enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world.


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Best Online Pizza Making Classes:


1. Pizaa School NYC
Virtual Pizza-Making Experience

Virtual Pizza-Making Experience

♦The channel is completely 95$

Explore the Art of Pizza-Making at PIZZA SCHOOL NYC! Offering a variety of courses, including an engaging online option, the Virtual Pizza-Making Class is priced at $95 per screen, catering to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. This 2.5-hour Zoom session accommodates various skill levels and covers hands-on pizza crafting in home kitchens using basic tools.

Key learnings encompass perfecting dough, mastering sauce secrets, honing crust stretching techniques, selecting the ideal cheese, and applying toppings effectively. The class emphasizes maximizing your home oven’s potential, providing pre-class setup instructions, and granting post-class access to an exclusive booklet and instructional video.

Envision a future filled with pizza-making fun at home with friends and family. Join us for a delightful and informative experience, bringing the joy of crafting perfect pizzas directly to your kitchen. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey with PIZZA SCHOOL NYC!


2. Cozymeal
Online Pizza Making Classes

Online Pizza Making Classes

♦The channel is completely 20$ to 119$

Cozymeal offers a variety of engaging online cooking classes. Three standout courses include:

  1. Plant-Based Fast Food Classics:

    Chef Carlos teaches how to turn fast food favorites into healthy, plant-based dishes. Participants create a handmade fried plantain pizza and fiery fried mushroom “wings” in this interactive class.

  2. Neapolitan-Style Pizza:

    Chef Logan leads a live class on making BBQ chicken pizza from scratch, covering dough preparation and achieving a 72-hour fermented crust. The class is interactive, suitable for beginners, and includes tips for creating the perfect pizza.

  3. Pizza Making:

    Chef Andy’s virtual class caters to cooks of all levels, focusing on crafting pizza and Italian bruschetta by hand. The 75-minute session emphasizes hands-on learning without the need for special equipment.

Explore the culinary world with Cozymeal’s online classes, where experienced chefs guide participants through fun and informative cooking experiences.


3. Udemy
Pizza Courses Online

Pizza Courses Online

♦The channel is completely 9$ to 74$

This article discusses two Udemy courses on pizza making.

  1. #7 Bake the Best Pizza Crust:

    The first course, “Bake the Best Pizza Crust,” teaches you to bake a Neo-Neapolitan Pizza Crust using commercial yeast and sourdough. You’ll gain expertise in creating a pizza crust that amazes everyone and discover the secrets to a terrific pizza crust. The requirements include basic kitchen equipment, a kitchen scale, and optional tools like a pizza peel and baking parchment paper. The course covers a hybrid dough using both sourdough and commercial yeast, with variations for using just one.

  2. The Art of Pizza Making – Soft bubbly pizza crust at home

    The second course, “The Art of Pizza Making – Soft Bubbly Pizza Crust at Home,” instructs you on how to cook a traditional Neapolitan pizza in your home oven in 100 seconds. Taught by a Neapolitan pizza chef, the course covers dough making, raising and fermentation with yeast or sourdough, hand-stretching pizza base, selecting toppings, and cooking pizza in a regular home oven. No food prep skills are needed, and optional tools include a frying pan, spatula, scale, and laser thermometer. The course is suitable for anyone wanting to make authentic Italian or Neapolitan pizza at home.

Both courses are available on Udemy and cater to individuals with basic kitchen skills, from beginners to advanced bakers, who aspire to master the art of creating delicious pizza crusts at home.


4. MFP Consultancy


♦The channel is completely 9$ to 74$

MFP Consultancy boasts the title of United Kingdom’s Best Pizza Chef in 2017, along with receiving the Award for Best Margherita in 2018. With 20 years of experience, they offer both professional and amateur pizza courses conducted live on Zoom.

  1. Professional and Amateur Pizza Courses:

    Duration: 2 days, 5 hours each | Cost: £200 Topics Covered: Dough making for perfect Neapolitan Pizza style, Stretching techniques, Practical manual, Certificate of attendance

  2. Secrets and Techniques of Biga Dough:

    Duration: 2 days, 5 hours each | Cost: £250 | Next Course: 22-23 March Topics Covered: Creating and controlling the famous pre-ferment Biga, Making crispy or puffy Neapolitan Pizza, Practical manual, Certificate of attendance

  3. Perfect Neapolitan Pizza Recipe for Takeaway:

    Duration: 2 days, 5 hours each | Cost: £250 | Next Course: 24-25 March Topics Covered: Dough-making technique for a fantastic puffy pizza, Secrets for pizza perfect for delivery and takeaway, Practical manual, Certificate of attendance

  4. Essential Elements of Authentic Neapolitan Pizza:

    Duration: 1 day, 3 hours | Cost: £59 | Next Courses: 26 March (10am – 1pm), 9 April (10am – 1pm) Topics Covered: All steps of making a perfect Neapolitan pizza, Basic oven techniques, Recipe practical manual, Certificate of attendance.

5. AVPN WebSchool
Online Pizza-Making Courses

Online Pizza-Making Courses

♦The channel is completely 19€ to 340€

AVPN WebSchool, born from the thirty-year experience of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, is an online educational project that gathers top expertise in the pizza field. The school offers a range of digital training courses, including Professional Basic Training, Professional Advanced Courses, and Amateur Courses.

The courses cover various aspects of Neapolitan pizza making, from dough preparation to stretching techniques and traditional recipes. The instructors, known for their prestige and authority, utilize an interactive theoretical-practical method. The school is integrated with a network of excellence and partnerships with key entities in the pizza sector.

Notable courses include the Web Masterclass Roman-style “on peel pizza,” Sourdough Web Masterclass, and courses focused on specific pizza styles and recipes. The school also offers live sessions with renowned pizza chefs for a more immersive learning experience.

The website provides detailed information on each course, including instructors, dates, and prices. Students can easily access digital training and enhance their pizza-making skills through these comprehensive courses offered by AVPN WebSchool.



6. Slow Rise Pizza
Hands-On Online Pizza Class

Hands-On Online Pizza Class

♦The channel is completely 100$

Slow Rise Pizza provides an engaging online pizza class designed for beginners, focusing on essential elements like gluten development, basic fermentation techniques, and the significant role of TIME in crafting exceptional pizzas. The course, divided into two sessions, covers hands-on activities such as manual dough mixing, bulk fermentation, stretch and folds, and offers multiple fermentation schedules.

The second session explores baking techniques, pizza stretching, topping preparation, and tips for achieving pizzeria-quality results in a home oven. Suitable for all levels, the class serves as a foundation for more advanced courses. Led by pizza consultant Noel Brohner, participants can progress to discover various pizza styles, including Neapolitan, New York Pizza, Detroit-Style Pizza, Sourdough, and high hydration pizzas. The on-demand format allows flexible learning within a 60-day period, and inquiries can be directed to Slow Rise Pizza without requiring an email address.


7. classpop


♦The channel is completely 29$ to 39$

Classpop offers online pizza-making classes where aspiring chefs can learn professional techniques from experienced pizza chefs. These classes cover the art of creating dough, crafting sauce, and selecting fresh toppings for traditional and contemporary recipes, all within the convenience of the participant’s kitchen. The virtual pizza-making classes aim to empower individuals to become skilled pizza chefs, potentially reducing the reliance on pizza delivery.

  1. Plant-Based Meets Fast Food:

    One of the classes, “Plant-Based Meets Fast Food,” hosted by Chef Carlos, focuses on creating delicious and healthy plant-based versions of popular fast-food items, such as handmade fried plantain pizza and fiery-spiced fried mushroom “wings.”

  2. Pizza Di Napoli:

    Another class, “Pizza Di Napoli” with Chef Logan, guides participants in crafting backyard-style BBQ chicken pies, from creating the dough to assembling the perfect BBQ chicken pizza pie.

  3. Pizza and Bruschetta:

    In Chef Andy’s class, “Pizza and Bruschetta,” participants learn to make comfort food classics using readily available ingredients and utensils. The class covers creating pizza dough from scratch and preparing bruschetta with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, and more.

  4. New York-Style Pizza at Home:

    Chef Loreanna leads the “New York-Style Pizza at Home” class, teaching participants to make authentic New York-style pizza from scratch. The class includes insights into crafting tender hand-formed dough and creating a zesty Margherita pizza topped with fresh basil and sweet San Marzano tomatoes. Additionally, participants can learn to make zeppoles, Italian donut-style pastries.

These online cooking classes are fully interactive and conducted by experienced chefs, providing a hands-on learning experience for participants to enhance their pizza-making skills.

8. The Artisan Bakehouse
ONLINE Masterclass – Neapolitan Pizza

ONLINE Masterclass - Neapolitan Pizza

♦The channel is completely £25.00

The Artisan Bakehouse offers a £25.00 Online Masterclass on Neapolitan Pizza, led by Les Nicholson. Lasting 40 minutes, it teaches participants to make Neapolitan Margherita Pizza at home. Topics covered include choosing the right flour, using semolina, achieving proper dough hydration, correct kneading methods, ideal proving times, types of commercial yeasts, the importance of salt, shaping and rolling dough, making tomato sauce, and dressing the pizza. The class includes access to stream it multiple times, a document with recipe details, and an invitation to an Exclusive Facebook Baking Club for community engagement and further support.


9. Ooni
pizza-making methods

pizza-making methods

♦The channel is completely 69$ to 129$

  1. Ooni x AVPN 2-Day Online Neapolitan Pizza Course:

    Embark on an authentic Neapolitan pizza-making journey with Ooni’s 2-Day Online Course in collaboration with AVPN. Priced at €129.00, this immersive course takes you from dough preparation to cooking to AVPN standards. Delve into the Neapolitan slap technique, get hands-on instruction from pizzaiolo Peter Surace, and receive a participant certificate. Open to Ooni oven owners and future enthusiasts, this course promises a rich understanding of tradition and expertise. Taught in English via Zoom.

  2. Ooni x AVPN 2-Hour Online Neapolitan Pizza Dough Course:

    Discover the secrets of crafting authentic Neapolitan pizza dough in Ooni’s 2-Hour Online Course with AVPN. Priced at €69.00, this course immerses you in the cultural heritage of Neapolitan pizza making. Led by pizzaiolo Peter Surace, participants gain insights into pizza dough preparation, receive individual instruction, and obtain a participant certificate. Open to Ooni oven owners and future enthusiasts, the class, taught in English via Zoom, offers a deep dive into Neapolitan pizza-making traditions.


10. Skill Share
How to Make Perfect Thin Crust Pizza

How to Make Perfect Thin Crust Pizza

♦The channel is completely free

The Cooking and Pizza Making Courses section on Skillshare includes a collection of courses and classes that enable you to acquire specialized skills in pizza making and excellent cooking. These courses are taught by professionals and experienced chefs, covering diverse topics such as dough preparation, ingredient selection, decorating, and baking various types of pizzas.

On this website, over 9 instructional courses on making various pizzas have been provided, attracting more than 17,000 students so far. For more information about these courses, you can visit their website.


The importance of learning pizza making online

Learning the art of pizza making through the best online pizza classes or enrolling in top online courses in cooking pizza can significantly enhance your culinary skills. These courses, offered by the best online pizza schools, are taught by experienced chefs and professionals who impart their knowledge on essential aspects like dough preparation, ingredient selection, and the nuances of creating various pizza styles.

The importance of such education lies in the mastery it provides over the authentic techniques used in pizza-making. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned home cook, these courses offer a rich understanding of the craft, ensuring you can consistently create the perfect pizza. By exploring the world of online pizza classes, you not only gain expertise in preparing delicious pizzas but also become part of a community of pizza enthusiasts sharing experiences and learning together.

In conclusion, investing in the top online courses in cooking pizza is an invaluable step toward elevating your culinary expertise, unleashing your creativity, and enjoying the satisfaction of crafting delectable pizzas with confidence.

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